RFP for NJOEM Emergency Operations Center Planning and Training, & State Emergency Operations Center


This Bid Solicitation {Request for Proposal (RFP)} is issued by the Procurement Bureau, Division of Purchase and Property (Division), Department of the Treasury on behalf of New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of State Police, and the Office of Emergency Management. The purpose of this Bid Solicitation {RFP} is to solicit Quotes {Proposals} for professional planning and training services for the NJ Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM).

The intent of this Bid Solicitation {RFP} is to award Master Blanket Purchase Orders (Blanket POs) {Contracts} to those responsible Vendors {Bidders} whose Quotes {Proposals}, conforming to this Bid Solicitation {RFP} are most advantageous to the State, price and other factors considered. The State, however, reserves the right to separately procure individual requirements that are the subject of the Blanket PO {Contract} during the Blanket PO {Contract} term, when deemed by the Director of the Division of Purchase and Property (Director) to be in the State’s best interest.

This Bid Solicitation {RFP} contains five (5) labor titles sections and a task with two (2) labor titles on which Vendors {Bidders} may submit Quotes {Proposals}. Vendors {Bidders} may submit Quotes {Proposals} on one (1) labor title, any combination of multiple labor titles, the task with associated labor titles, or all labor titles of each the sections listed below. All responsive Quotes {Proposals} will be evaluated within the context of the specific labor title and or task.

1. Section 3.2: Senior Project Manager;
2. Section 3.3: Emergency Management Planning;
a. Emergency Management Planning Specialist;
b. Emergency Management Technical Planner;
3. Section 3.4: Emergency Management Training;
a. Emergency Management Training Specialist;
b. Emergency Management Training Consultant;
4. Section 3.5: Update to the State Hazard Mitigation Plan;
5. Section 3.6: Hazard Mitigation Planning;
a. Hazard Mitigation Planning Specialist; and
b. Hazard Mitigation Technical Planner.

The intent for each labor title section (#1 (Section 3.2), #2 (Section 3.3), #3 (Section 3.4), and #5 (Section 3.6) above) is to access the best available personnel to achieve the stated objectives at the lowest possible price to the State. The State intends to award a minimum of two (2) awards for each labor title described in Sections 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.6.

The State intends to award a single Blanket PO {Contract} specific to the update of the State Hazard Mitigation Plan as described in Section 3.5. Depending on available funding and individual project needs, the potential exists for multiple orders to be issued, and at varying times over the term of this Blanket PO {Contract}.

Any Quote {Proposal} submitted by a Vendor {Contractor} in reference to section 3.5 Hazard Mitigation Plan, must be submitted for all price lines (#00023-00026) or the Quote {Proposal} for Hazard Mitigation Plan shall be deemed non-responsive.

The State of NJ Standard Terms and Conditions (SSTC) accompanying this Bid Solicitation {RFP} will apply to all Blanket POs {Contracts} made with the State of New Jersey. These terms are in addition to the terms and conditions set forth in this Bid Solicitation {RFP} and should be read in conjunction with them unless the Bid Solicitation {RFP} specifically indicates otherwise.

For full details and information please visit https://www.njstart.gov/bso/external/publicBids.sdo
T2770 – 17DPP00037

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