New Jersey and New York Aerial Radiation Assessment Survey

A helicopter may be seen flying at low altitudes over portions of northern New Jersey and New York City from January 21 through 25, 2014.  The purpose of the flyovers is to measure naturally occurring background radiation.   Flyovers will occur only during daylight hours during this four-day period, covering approximately ten square miles.

Officials from U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), are conducting the surveys using a twin-engine Bell 412 helicopter, operated by the Remote Sensing Laboratory Aerial Measuring System from Joint Base Andrews.  The helicopter will be equipped with radiation sensing technology, and will fly in a grid pattern over the areas at 150 feet (or higher) above the ground surface, at a speed of approximately 80 miles per hour.

The measurement of naturally occurring radiation to establish baseline levels is a routine security and emergency preparedness activity.   The NJ State Police are partnering with the NNSA to make the public aware of the upcoming flights and insure that citizens who see the low-flying aircraft are not alarmed.

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