Winter Storm Monitoring: January 2-3, 2014

The NJOEM is monitoring a winter storm expected to impact New Jersey beginning January 2 and lasting into January 3, 2014. We are working with the National Weather Service Mt. Holly and New York City Forecast Offices to assess impacts statewide. Snow, high winds and extreme wind chills will impact the state during this event. Extreme wind chills will impact NJ beginning on Friday and lasting into Saturday.

We will continue to share information we receive via the NWS. There is some preliminary guidance on snowfall totals, but we stress that it’s still 48 hours out and that this may change:

Right now, we are asking you to take the following actions:

  1. Monitor weather conditions via the NWS. – for NE NJ counties
  2. Check on elderly or disabled persons who live alone, or who are isolated – especially in light of the extreme wind chills. Some indicate potential temps as low as 8 degrees on Saturday a.m.
  3. Review these winter safety tips and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s guidance for personal health and safety in extreme cold.
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