Situation Report re: Effects of Wind and Rain 12/21/12 3:00 p.m.

Southern New Jersey Storm Impacts, by County.  This information may be subject to change.



Atlantic:   No serious storm related issues reported at this time. Most of the standing water from last night’s storm has receded. No evacuations or road closures reported.


Burlington: No major flooding issues reported. Some residential pumps out of operation in Burlington City and Delanco. No major road closures in the county. No evacuations conducted.



Camden:   Moderate flooding reported on the Admiral Wilson Blvd, the Brooklawn Circle, Gloucester City and the Camden Port during this mornings high tide, however, most of the water has receded.  There are no major road closures reported. No evacuations conducted.


Cape May:  No serious storm related issues reported at this time. Most of the standing water from last night’s storm has receded. No evacuations or road closures reported.


Cumberland: Reported flooding to the areas around Money Island, Gandy’s Beach and Fortesque during this morning’s high tide. The water has receded but left sand and debris on the roadways. Front end loaders  have been utilized to remove the material from the roadways and are making repairs to the seawall.  Downe Twp OEM is in the process of declaring a local state of emergency, specifically to make the seawall repairs. Red Cross is assessing the area and offering a few residents hotel space until the thoroughfares are cleared and  power is restored.


 In Greenwich, some basements and crawl spaces were flooded. The local Fire Department is pumping out the water.



A dike at the Maurice River breached causing some flooding on Matt’s Landing Road. The water has receded and the roadway is now open.


 Power in Cumberland County is being restored (less than 500 residences without power) and should be completed by early tomorrow morning.


Cumberland County press release here:



Gloucester:  Reported flooding on Rt 130 in the Swedesboro and Logan Twp areas. Some cars were disabled while attempting to ford the standing water. The vehicles were cleared from the area once the water  receded. Some residences in these areas were de-watered by the local fire departments.



Mercer:  Reported moderate ponding of water on some roadways during the morning high tide. The majority of this water has receded. The Delaware River is predicted to crest at 14 feet (Action stage is 17 feet and  flood state is 21 feet. No current road closures reported.


Monmouth:  No serious storm related issues at this time. No evacuations or road closures in the county.


Ocean:   All of the Bayshore areas throughout Ocean County experienced flooding during the morning’s Bay high tide. Local emergency management officials advised that flood conditions were somewhat worse than what is  experienced during a routine strong storm. During the peak of this high tide, the Silverton Section of Toms River on the mainland experienced flood water up to and surrounding homes along the bay. Ten residents were voluntarily transported out of their homes via high wheeled vehicles. These individuals did not require sheltering and re-entered their homes  after the tide subsided.


 None of the re-populated, (Lavallette, Sea Side Park, Pelican Island, Berkeley and Toms River portion) communities required any additional emergency protective measures due to the flood waters.


 Mantoloking Borough also experienced moderate flooding along the bay that caused the CR 528 Bridge to be closed and non passable for over two hours. Mantoloking also had three small ocean water breaches on the areas  with smaller repaired sand dunes. The breaches have been closed. Due to these conditions, Mantoloking closed all re-entry operations for the day. There remains standing flood waters on all of the Bay Shore communities, however conditions have improved greatly and the wind is now coming out of the west, blowing to the east and is allowing water to flow back to the ocean.


Salem:  The county OEM reported flooding and power loss in Penns Grove, Carneys Point and Elsinboro.  Local fire departments have conducted pumping operations to remove the water.


 App  oximately 60 residents of the Penns Grove Gardens apartment complex lost power. At 1400 hrs

afternoon the power was restored. The residents remained in place, no evacuations were conducted.

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