NWS Emergency Management Briefing

To our emergency management and other key partners:

A strong coastal nor’easter will affect the region today & Thursday this week. This storm will bring the potential for both rainfall & snowfall, winds gusts to 65 mph, moderate coastal flooding & moderate to major beach erosion. We realize that many people are still working to recover from the impacts of Coastal Storm Sandy and we are providing this information for planning purposes and to promote situational awareness.

This briefing package is also available for download at:


The NWS website is back to full functionality and the link above is the one you have been used to using.

The executive summary of the briefing package is included below.

•A strong coastal nor’easter will affect the region on November 7th & 8th.

• Storm force wind gusts (55-65 mph) are likely during this storm.

• Moderate coastal flooding is likely during this storm; the high tides of most concern are the ones around midday Wednesday, November 7th and the following high tide Wednesday night.

• There will be moderate to severe beach erosion during this event.

• This nor’easter will have greater impact than usual because of the serious impacts from Coastal Storm Sandy.

• There is a threat of snowfall with this storm; some locations may see over 3 inches.

• Next briefing package will be issued by Noon on Thursday, November 8th.

• Now that the storm is upon us, you need to monitor the latest forecast & warning information at http://www.erh.noaa.gov/phi/

• Forecasts will be updated every three hours throughout the event.

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