NWS Briefing Package for tomorrow’s storm

A strong coastal nor’easter will threaten the region in the November 7th-8th timeframe.
Storm force wind gusts (55-65 mph) are likely during this storm.
Moderate coastal flooding is likely during this storm, major coastal flooding is still a slight possibility; the high tides of most concern are the ones around midday Wednesday, November 7th and the following high tide Wednesday night.
There will be moderate to severe beach erosion during this event.
This nor’easter will have greater impact than usual because of the serious impacts from Coastal Storm Sandy.
There is a threat of wintry precipitation over the region.

 Next briefing package will be issued by Noon on Wednesday, November 7th.
Monitor our latest weather forecast at http://www.erh.noaa.gov/phi/
Watches have been issued, warnings & advisories likely will be in the near future. To keep up on the storm, monitor our website. This briefing package is simply a snapshot in time.

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