Directive Expanding Ability of Displaced Voters to Vote

Notwithstanding Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath, the State of New Jersey is committed to holding a fair, open, transparent and accessible election on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

           In my capacity as the state’s Chief Election Official, I (Kim Guadagno) am working with State, county and local officials to address election-day polling issues that have arisen as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  Voters throughout the State are encouraged to take advantage of early voting options as made available by County Elections Officials. 

           In order to facilitate voter participation, and pursuant to the authorities vested in me by Executive Order 104, you are hereby directed as follows:


1.    A displaced voter may vote by provisional ballot at any polling place in the State.

a.    All ballots must be counted by the Board of Elections in the voter’s county of registration.

b.    If a voter casts a ballot in a county other than the voter’s county of registration, the Board of Election in receipt of the provisional ballot must deliver it to the Commissioner of Registration of the voter’s county of registration by overnight mail or hand delivery.

c.    All eligible votes must be counted.

i.              The appropriate Board must count the votes of all registered voters for the offices of President and United States Senator and on any statewide question; and,

ii.            The appropriate Board must count the votes cast for any office or question for which the voter is otherwise eligible to vote.

2.    This directive is effective immediately and shall expire after the general election of November 6, 2012.




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