General Hurricane Update and Advice




Governor Chris Christie  s Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno

Colonel Joseph R. Fuentes, Director, State office of Emergency Management


Contact NJOEM                                                                                For immediate release:

Public Information                                                                             August 28, 2011

609-882-2000 X7833


NJOEM Hurricane Irene Updates


The State of Emergency declared by Governor Christie is still in effect.  State offices are, for the most part, open today.  There are no mandatory travel restrictions in effect, however, due to numerous road closures and localized flooding, people are advised to stay off the roads except for necessary travel.


·        The Board of Public Utilities reports that there are still more than 700,000 customers without electricity

o       Utilities are working with out of state companies to restore customers as quickly as possible.  Many flooded areas are too dangerous to have power yet restored to them.  Systems are being checked for viability.

o       People operating generators need to use them in outdoor, ventilated areas

o       Do not leave candles or open flame heating sources unattended

o       Do not attempt to repair electrical service to homes and businesses.  Utilities are working to quickly and safely restore power. 

·        Rivers and streams are cresting now and others will continue to build through Tuesday.  Nine waterways have reached record levels including the Millstone River, Assunpink Creek, Ramapo River and Rockaway River.

o       Do not return to flooded areas and homes until local authorities open those areas.

o       Do not drive through water-covered roadways.

o       Do not walk through flooded areas if at all possible.  There are many dangers beneath muddy waters and cuts can easily become infected when exposed to flood waters.

o       Stay tuned to news media for additional advisories.

·        Roadways throughout the state continue to be assessed for damage and many lanes and roads remain closed. 

o       Plan on additional time, and possible detours to get to your destinations.

·        Water treatment plants that were compromised are back to operating status. 


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